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Sony A6400 Vs A6500 Which Is Better?
Sony A6400 Vs A6500 Which Is Better?
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The Sony A6400 as well as the A6500 are equipped to take great photos however, the autofocus feature is a bit older and lesser AF tracking features than the a6500. Both cameras come with the same battery life, but the a6500 camera is more costly. Though they're comparable in terms of price and features the A6400's camera has a faster speed. The camera's autofocus system also offers a faster maximum speed as compared to the A6400.





Both cameras are equipped with similar features and features, however the buffer capacities of the A6400 permits the use of more burst mode images. The A6400 can produce 107 RAW images compared to just 233 JPEGs with the A6500. The ISO limit of the A6500 is lower, like its peers The A6400 comes with higher capacity for native ISO as well as an expanded ISO.









The Sony A6400 may be more suitable for novices and video bloggers. The A6400 features a higher ISO setting and takes better photographs. This makes it the ideal choice. These cameras are available at a reasonable price and come with great features. It is however, the A6500 is ideal for professional video editors and photographers. If you need a camera with high resolution for daily use, A6400 is the best choice.





The a6400 has a more powerful processor than the A6500. It is the first camera that supports autofocus on the eye and animals, which is important for still and video photography. The a6500 has the ability to produce raw data with 14 bit resolution but it lacks the ability to use raw files that are uncompressed. Front wheel support isn't offered. While it's smaller than the A6400 it offers more features.









Cameras that are mirrorless are cheaper than the a6400 with a sensor of 24 megapixels. They share a common lens, and they are identical in dimensions. However, the a6400's image quality is superior. The a6500's battery is more powerful than the a6500 however, the a6400 comes with many more AF points and more AF points that its competitor.









The Sony a6400 is more powerful in terms of quality zoom and higher sensitivity. The sensor in the Sony A6400 is more powerful and has a higher sensitivity than the sensor of the a6500. Its sensor is also less of a price. The a6500 comes with more battery capacity but the a6500's is more smaller. The a6500 is slightly cheaper than the a6400 and A6500 and has greater functions.





The autofocus feature has been enhanced on the a6400. A6500 video clips are limited to 30 minutes long. Even though the cost of the a6400 may be lower than that of the a6500 but it doesn't have the ability to extract 8 MP still JPGs out 4K video. The A6500 is similar to the A6300, but the grip of the A6500 is different.





The most expensive model, which is the a6500 utilizes UHSI SD memory cards. It doesn't come with UHS-II support and it's USB port is still an MicroUSB connector. The screen of the A6500 is a bit smaller, and it has smaller resolution than the a6400. Although the A6400 is a better camera than the a6500 There are however a few differentiators between the two.









The A6400 comes with a more user-friendly interface. The set-up screen on the A6400 is beautiful and easy to see. The screen for customizing settings on the A6500 is more user-friendly as compared to the A6400. However, it is easier to set-up and shooting. It's also quicker than the A6500. Therefore, when you're comparing between the two cameras, the a6400 is the superior camera.





It also costs a little less than the a6500. The difference between the two cameras is from the memory capacity and price. The A6400 features less capacity of memory. The a6500 is more storage-friendly. It is a little less expensive, but it has a higher cost. However, whatever you're looking for, the a6500 can be a great choice for most people.





The A6400 is equipped with an 0.39-inch LCD screen and 2.59-million-pixel sensor. Unlike the a6500, the A6400 has a better zoom lens. The A6400 comes with a greater ISO range, as well as more advanced options, such as a flip-up touchscreen. Its 5-axis stabilized image system is superior to the a6500. However, both cameras come with the same functions.







A6500 is
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